Stud Dog Service

At Von Der Haus Gill Kennel we believe in breeding to produce the best dogs for companions, working dogs, police dogs, search and rescue, or sport. We don’t compromise on quality! We only use adults that have certified hips, excellent temperaments, good looks, strong abilities and have passed a complete health examination.

We travel to Europe regularly to search for some of the best adults available for breeding. If you would like to use our stud service or have questions about it, please give us a call today, we would be glad to help you!

Stud Fees for all males vary — email for pricing and availability—

Health Requirements

  • 1) Recent Brucellosis test within 30 days prior to breeding
  • 2) Proof of certified hips/elbows
  • 3) Copy of females pedigree
  • 4) Proof all vaccinations current