Amy Gill Bio

Amy Started with Von der haus Gill German Shepherds when she was 16. She loved the dogs and working with the dogs and people so much she stayed on even after college. Today she oversees the day to day operation of the kennel as a whole, and handles all puppies once 4 weeks old and at the nursery. She loves spending time with the puppies and helping clients match up the right pup to the right situation. Amy now handles a vast majority of puppy clients , and client visits. She also helps with the office duties and where ever else she is needed.  She spends her free time raising 4 children and she is married to Matt Gill.

In January 2024 Amy and Matt will assume full day to day operation of Von der haus Gill German Shepherds Inc. Amy will be the person to call to make arrangements for puppies, boarding, training or other questions.

Her email is