Adults/ Young Adults for Sale

These dogs may or may not be available at time of contact. Dogs are constantly coming in and leaving so please contact us for a current listing.

Gunner- 20 month Czech bloodline young male we have raised. He rides in the RTV and has some obedience. Good playing and started in bite work.
Dario- 24 month old German Import male, good bite work and play, yet social. High drive

Cennox- 20m old German male import. Strong bite work and play, social and larger dog.

Ula von der haus Gill- 20m old sable female we raised her at the kennel. She is super social, and plays well. Great for a family.

Sonic- 14 month old Black Lab. Very good playing, and very high energy!

Blue Von Den Jessener Elbwiesen- German imported female. 17 months old, top playing and bite work. Good for breeding or work.

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