Susan Gill Bio–Retired ( 1-2024)

Susan oversees the breeding and whelping of litters of puppies for Von der haus Gill German Shepherds. Susan is a full time Pharmacist with 35 years experience. Susan has been involved with the breeding program since day one and has whelped over 170 litters of puppies. She works with the new moms and new puppies until 4 weeks of age app. when they are weaned and then move to the nursery. At which time they are handed off to Amy Gill until they leave for new families. Susan loves the work with the new moms and has spent countless hours feeding/ cleaning / and sitting with the moms and babies.  If you have a whelping question she is the go to person.  In her limited spare time she cooks meals for the Law Enforcement Students while they are in class. She also babysits for the smallest grandchildren on many of her days off as well.