Puppy Sales Contract

Puppy Sales Contract 2024


Von der haus Gill German Shepherds Inc.

Puppy Sales Contract 2024

 All puppies are $2000.00 in price! ( subject to change)

January 1, 2025  all Puppies will be  $2200.00 in price

In consideration of the sum of  $2000.00 dollars, Von der haus Gill Kennel herein called the “seller”, does hereby agree to convey to ____________, herein after called the “buyer”, one German Shepherd puppy, under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties and conditions either expressed or implied. The price of the puppy shall be paid in the following:

Purchase Price__$2000.00

Shipping Costs____________________

Crate Fee________________________

Vet/ Health Cert___________________

Airport Trip and Vet Trip Charge______

Less Deposit____$500.00

Total Due at Delivery_______________$

1)That the above described animal is a purebred dog, and may be registrable with either/and /or The American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club and/or Schutzhund USA/SV. We do NOT guarantee AKC registration of any dog. All puppies are named by the seller for all registration purposes before delivery to buyers.

2)That the above described animal may be returned in the first 7 days after delivery

Prepaid to the seller, for any major health reason that is determined and verified in writing by a licensed Veterinarian. Buyer shall take the puppy to a Veterinarian to be checked within the first 7days of delivery/ receipt if at all possible, and failure to do so, is an acceptance of health, anatomical make-up, appearance, and temperament of the above-described animal during said 7days. If the condition of the animal has changed in any of the categories stated in the previous sentence, the seller is relieved of the obligation to return the deposit, otherwise the full deposit and purchase price will be refunded within 30 days. NO SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REFUNDED AND NO SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE PAID BY THE SELLER FOR A REPLACEMENT PUPPY. Any refunds given will be minus any bank or credit card company charges on the original deposit and purchase price if any were incurred. Any claims of change will be communicated to the buyer within 24 hours.

3)That a German Shepherd puppy purchased for 2,000.00 will be free from

Crippling hip dysplasia at the time of delivery. The puppy is guaranteed to have hips that will certify with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The seller guarantees the hips will certify OFA Excellent, Good, or Fair.

NO PENN HIP CERTIFICATION IS COVERED. NO PRELIMINARY X-RAYS ARE COVERED, ONLY X-RAYS TAKEN AT 2YEARS OF AGE ARE ACCEPTABLE UNDER THIS GUARANTEE. NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN BASED ON PRELIMINARY X-RAYS or any local Vet opinions. If the puppy would fail to certify with OFA in one of the previously stated levels, the seller agrees to replace the puppy with one of the buyers and sellers agreed upon choice, and when it is available. The buyer will pay shipping costs/crate fees/airport trip charges, for a replacement puppy if needed.


If the buyer elects to keep the puppy which was determined to fail OFA, the buyer agrees to surrender any registration papers to the seller, and provide proof from a licensed Veterinarian, that the puppy has been spayed or neutered. The buyer agrees to feed a premium puppy for for at least the first 6-8 months of life (Purina Pro Plan Puppy is recommended by VDHG. Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin are accepted). Any dog food used without prior approval of Von der haus Gill German Shepherds Inc, can result in the voidance of any and all hip/health warranties. Buyers are advised to retain all dog food purchase receipts to prove food that was used. After 6 months of age we recommend use of Purina Pro Plan Large Breed or Purina 1 Chicken and Rice adult dog food. Any failure to do so can void all guarantees on the puppy.

The buyer also acknowledges that they have 45 days after the puppies 2nd birthday (this means 775 days of age or 25 and 1/2 months of age maximum. There is NO extension of this time, and warranty of any kind if the x-rays for OFA are not taken between 24 months of age and 25 1/2 months of age. NO exceptions) to obtain the OFA X-RAYS and apply for certification. If the buyer fails to do so within the 45-day period, the seller is relieved of any and all obligations under this guarantee, and the buyer assumes all responsibility for the puppy. The buyer also agrees to provide the seller with X-rays and a letter from OFA verifying the problem. The buyer acknowledges there is no guarantee of any kind after 2 years and 45 days(this means 775 days of age or 25 and 1/2 months of age maximum. There is NO extension of this time, and no warranty of any kind if the x-rays for OFA are not taken between 24 months of age and 25 1/2 months of age. NO exceptions).


The buyer agrees to pay any and all medical expenses associated with honoring this contract and guarantee.

There are no guarantees for ears standing, testicles dropping (Vet will certify the puppy has 2 testicles at the time of delivery) heart murmurs, coat length/color of coat, or herniated umbilical cords.

Buyer agrees not to engage in endurance activities or training agility work, jumping into and out of vehicles, downhill work, stairs or hard surfacing running until the puppy is at least 12 months of age, as these activities can effect skeletal growth and development.

The puppy will be delivered with all vaccinations current to age and will have been checked at least once by a Veterinarian of the seller’s choice before delivery. If the puppy becomes sick, is injured, or dies or has to be put to sleep for any reason other than those stated in the guarantee after the initial 72 hour period, the seller has no obligation to replace the puppy and will be relieved of all responsibility to do so.

4)The buyer agrees to relieve the seller of any and all liability with the puppy. It is

Also agreed that the seller is relieved of any and all future liability of all kinds associated with the puppy/dog.

5)This constitutes the full agreement of the parties. There are no guarantees or

Warranties either expressed or implied beyond what is stated in this contract.

6)This agreement shall be construed under and in accordance with the laws of the

State of Ohio and venue for any legal action arising out of this agreement shall be in Auglaize County, Ohio. Wherefore, the above named seller and buyer have executed the foregoing contract of sale at _______ (AM/PM) on this__ day of

____________ 2024__, at 16863 Boundary Rd. Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895.

In Person ________, by Fax______. US MAIL _________.

Buyer – Name address, telephone number


Seller- Amy & Matt Gill / Von der haus Gill Kennel 16863 Boundary Rd. Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

Micro Chip number____________AKC number______________ pending______Parents ___________________