Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds Inc.

Matt & Amy Gill

16863 Boundry Rd. Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

419-204-7293 – Amy 567-356-0771- Matt

amyd_28@hotmail.com or mattgillk9@gmail.com

Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds Inc. is a Police Dog, K-9, training and breeding facility located in Ohio.
All the German Shepherds are hand selected in Germany by us. We specialize in working line German Shepherds for Police dogs and Protection dogs and Family Protection/Companion dogs.
Our German Shepherd dogs can and are trained for all aspects of Police work such as Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Officer Protection Work, Tracking, Cadaver Detection, Tactical Operations, School Resource K-9’s, or Search Work.
We have on site housing for you and your dog when you come to train with us.
Visit the Puppy page for our working line puppies.
Hurry and reserve your next best friend or partner.
Q: What separates Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds from the average breeder?
A: We are different because we are the premier German Shepherd breeder in the United States if not all North America. We have bred 198+ litters of German Shepherds dogs since 1992. We have had 1098+ puppies and over 4000 adult dogs. We have over 38 years in the breeding training business. This is what we do, it’s not a hobby or a part time thing. We do this everyday 7 days a week 365 days a year we are breeding and training German Shepherds. We invest in only directly imported, hand picked breeding dogs from Germany. We never short cut, buy local dogs, hold dogs back because it’s cheaper. It’s all about quality and breeding the best dogs possible. Not making the most money like most so called breeders.

Breeding is not a part time hobby, it is a passion, it’s a commitment, it’s a life! That is what Von der haus Gill is.
( From the House of Gill’s German Shepherds )