Puppy Pricing and Deposit Info


Puppy Pricing


(All Puppies are—– $2000.00  each (either sex)

This includes full AKC registration


Our breeding program was founded in 1992. In the last 30+ years we have built one of the top breeding programs in the United States. Our prices reflect the years of work and commitment as well as huge investment we have made to build this program. There are cheaper prices out there, but remember you get what you pay for and will they be around if you need them to stand behind something or help you. Unlikely, most tell people to call us. We have been working dogs and training dogs since 1985. So when we say we have bred 190+ plus litters of pups, (1095+ puppies or average 5. 6  puppies per litter app over 30 years of breeding) this means over the 30 years (which calculates out to 6 litters a year, certainly not mass production) of breeding we developed a world class program, and not by mass production or cutting corners. We do not just hold back dogs for breeding because it is the cheap way to do it. I am constantly searching for new blood lines and traits dogs offer. Unlike most we also raise and train some of the dogs we breed, so we know first hand what we are producing and what they can be with proper training and work.

All Puppies are priced at $2000.00 in price, hips guaranteed to certify with OFA at 2 years of age. Males and Females all priced the same. $500 check deposit required to hold a selection spot.  Male and/or Female first pick in ALL litters may/ or may not be reserved for our foster program and we do reserve the option to keep first pick male/or female in any litter. If we choose not to keep a pup the person with #2 pick position would move up to first pick and so on. All puppies come with a full AKC registration application if the litter is AKC registrable Micro-chipped, and Vet Checked.  All parents are on site (if living) as we OWN all the dogs in our program and use no outside dogs nor do we trade for breedings etc. We do have 1 female who lives with staff. All puppies are named by us for registration purposes (you may use any call name, however official names are given by us based on tattoo number assigned by us).

** Shipping Charges/ Crate Fees/ Vet Fees and Airport/Vet Trip Charges are NOT included in basic puppy pricing. These fees if required are priced on as needed basis. These fees range from $450-750.00 total for Vet fees/ airlines/crates/health certificates/ and trip charges for Vet and airport. In 2020 due to Covid 19 Air shipping has been almost impossible. We hope that soon returns to normal operations. Ground shipping can be done but is very expensive. Call or email for specific fees!!


Puppy Deposit Policy as of 2020- 2024

Deposits for all puppies is $500.00 check. It is a nonrefundable deposit  once the litter is born and there is enough pups.(for any reason so do not ask!)  We accept cash, money order,  and checks (the acceptance or refusal of all personal checks is the decision of Von der haus Gill staff). Von der haus Gill RESERVES the right to refuse to accept a deposit from any person for any reason that Von der haus Gill deems sufficient to do so. Checks are requested form of deposit and checks are held uncashed until a litter is born. At that time if there is enough pups to cover the sex requested by the buyer, the checks may be cashed and are then nonrefundable for any reason. If there wouldn’t be enough pups for whatever reason the uncashed check will be returned to the buyer, or the buyer can choose to move to another litter where ever there is an opening. No clients on that litter will be bumped for the move. It is the buyers choice on the return of the check or a move to another litter.

Pick order in all litters is determined by deposit order, by sex, by litter. Von der haus Gill reserves the right to take first pick (males) and/or (females) in all litters. The first selection spot given to the public is 2nd pick in all litters, male and females.

 All deposit are NONREFUNDABLE for any reason and will be deposited by Von der haus Gill after a litter is born.  We cannot and DO NOT guarantee color, hair length, coat style, drive or any feature of a puppy. These are things outside our control. If a client chooses to not take their puppy for whatever reason they acknowledge they forfeit their deposit in full.  Any returned checks (i,e NSF) will be charged a $50.00 fee, which covers the returned fee from our bank as well as our labor and time costs. A new Cashiers Check will be required! No checks will be reprocessed.  No pick spots are guaranteed until a check actually clears all banks involved.

All puppies will be named for registration purposes by Von der haus Gill based on litter “letter”. All puppies come with full registration papers unless otherwise advised by Von der haus Gill at time of deposit verbally or in writing.

Any and all missed appointments (failure to show up for a scheduled appointment) by clients is subject to a missed appointment fee. This fee is $100.00 which will be added onto the final purchase price of a puppy.

Any failure to show up for a scheduled puppy pickup appointment will result in the total deposit fee being forfeited.  Clients may or may not receive any written notification of this policy or this forfeiture action.  Appointments may be rescheduled at our convenience prior to the original scheduled time.

If at any time a refund would be given it is returned it would be in the form of a check only. Any decision to give a refund or not give one is the sole decision of Von der haus Gill German Shepherds Inc. and is handled on a case by case situation and ONLY in a situation of a litter of no puppies in a litter at all. No other situations will be considered. This refund would be minus $25.00 for any bank charges or credit card company charges, and or any other fees incurred by Von der haus Gill German Shepherds from the original deposit plus lost time, wages of staff, and postage.

Visitation is allowed by appointment only. Females may be seem unless they have puppies at that time. No litters from birth to weaning age can be seen by clients. We try to provide pictures as the puppies grow as often as our schedule allows. No set number of pictures are guaranteed at any time.  We also do try to assist clients select the right puppy based on their plans.