Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Section

FYI: In English, Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds means ” from the House of Gill German Shepherds.”

Q. What is the typical cost for a puppy?

A.  The price includes shots, vet check, micro chipped, wormed, full AKC registration with hip guarantee. All  puppies are $2500.00 each

Q. What separates Von der haus Gill German Shepherds from the average breeder?

A. We are different because we are the premier German Shepherd breeder in the United States if not all North America. We have bred 176 litters of German Shepherds dogs since 1992. We have had 995 puppies and over 3500 adult dogs. We have over 35 years in the breeding training business. This is what we do, it’s not a hobby or a part time thing. We do this everyday 7 days a week 365 days a year we are breeding and training German Shepherds. We invest in only directly imported, hand picked breeding dogs from Germany. We never short cut, buy local dogs, hold dogs back because it’s cheaper. It’s all about quality and breeding the best dogs possible. Not making the most money like most so called breeders.  Breeding is not a part time hobby, it is a passion, it’s a commitment, it’s a life! That is what Von der haus Gill is.

Q. Do you ship puppies?

A. Yes! We ship puppies all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. During 2020 shipping has become very diffucult of course due to the virus Covid 19. Hoepfully things will return to normal soon and normal shipping will once again become possible.

Q. What is the cost to ship a puppy and is it included in the purchase price?

A. The typical shipping cost on a puppy ranges from $500-750.00 normal range via air. Ground shipping can averge $1- $1.25/mile each way. This is NOT part of the puppy purchase price. The cost of air shipping includes air freight, Vet costs to ship, crate fee, and Vet and Airport trip charges.  Ground shipping prices only is the actual ground transport fee. No other costs are included in that estimate. Puppies shipped outside the USA there will be extra shipping and permit fees about the range stated depending on airlines and country regulations for shipping.

Q. What is the deposit to hold a selection spot for a puppy?

A. The deposit is $500.00 nonrefundable for any reason to hold a pick spot, which are based on deposit order by sex, by litter. No pick spots are guaranteed held for anyone or any department without a deposit and a signed deposit form!

Q. Where is the kennel located?

A. We are located just outside of Lima, Ohio just off Ohio Route 67 on Boundry Rd. (16863 Boundry Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895)

Q. Do we use outside stud dogs just so someone can breed their dog, or do we trade for puppies,

A. NO we never use any dogs but our own which we hand select and test in Europe personally. We do not trade for puppies ever!

Q. When can puppies be seen in person?

A. We allow visitors to interact with puppies after 4 weeks of age once they are weaned and moved to the nursery. No visitors are permitted in Whelping area or around puppies younger than 4 weeks of age.

Q. What are the normal business hours the kennel is open?

A. We accept visitors by appointment ONLY Monday thru Friday 8:00AM till 3:00PM. Saturdays 8:00AM till 11:00AM. No Sundays or Holidays at anytime!

Q. What hours do you accept telephone inquiries?

A. We take phone calls as we are available Monday thru Friday 7:30AM through 8:00PM. Saturdays 8:30AM through 11:30AM. We DO NOT accept Sunday or Holiday calls or visits at anytime! We normally return calls from the weekends or from holidays on the next regular business day or as soon as possible. I am not in the office just waiting for the phone to ring. Understand we train and raise dogs as well as teach police academies. In my off time I travel around the world looking for dogs. I don’t just wait on the phone to ring. This means you WILL get the answering machine. But I will return your call just as soon as possible. Appointments are required for ALL kennel visits. Walk in/ Stop in visits are NOT allowed at anytime for any reason.