News and Updates

April 9, 2024- Matt and & Amy’s first Basic Police Class started today. It includes agencies from Toledo, Lima, Randolph County Indiana, Degraff, and Washington Twp. They are off and running with a good first day.

June-2023- From Al Gill- With the decline of my health and limited ability to handle dogs, I have decided I will be stepping down and retiring January 1, 2024. This has not been any easy decision, but with my disease advancing and no cure or fix in the near future it is time after 38 years, to step aside and let Amy and Matt Gill take over. I will still be around on a limited basis helping them. The doctors have been on me for many months to slow down and retire. For everyone who knows me, that’s not me. So I will help when I am home and be the maintenance guy for them and maybe even that ear for a sounding board or advisor. But the time has come to give them aa chance to run with it.

Susan and I plan to spend more time in the mountains, and being able to be there for more of the grandkids activities as possible.

I ask you contact them first and if you can’t reach them you can always try my email.

Their emails- or Matt Gill

or mine-

December 3, 2023–

Things are going well with the transition. Amy and Matt have been busy planning up coming police classes, and preparing for them. Estimated started date will be April 1, 2024. Amy has also been very busy with puppies and then arranging their new homes etc. She is doing fantastic and we are currently are sold out till February. Matt has started training dogs for the upcoming classes. Things are rolling along and I am very proud of them. Al

January 1, 2024 Matt and Amy Gill assume the management and control of Von der haus Gill German Shepherds. Al Gill stays on as a consultant only. They are off and running and doing well. Please contact them with any questions they will be glad to assist.