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Hello All!!!! My First Blog ever!

Week of Oct 5 new dogs arriving from Germany this week and Lena having puppies ( 10) Busy week ahead. Stay tuned!

Jack/ Lena Puppies born Oct 5, 2020

So this week starts our Basic Police Class #97!! Wow 97 where has time gone?

So this new site is live now!!! Finally after months of work. Also our Decoy and Legal class is in the books as is Basic Class 98. On to June and the next class.

Metaxa is having Puppies today!!!! 5-27-21 6 so far and not done

Joy and Bella decided to both have c sections on the same day!!! So long day 5-31-21 Joy had 5 and Bella had 2 pups. So far so good!

Sorry for the delays in updates. We had technical issues with web page and I had been ill and not working much.

We just graduated Basic Police Class #101. Now on summer break till August 2022. Mextaxa/ Orbit puppies being born today! Busy times!

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